with investors

Understanding the investors, their way of thinking, establishing business relations with them and making them partners.


I provide business-building advice to help you put strategies in place and transform your business results.

business goals

Step-by-step coaching to help you start, build and grow your business from the ground up and reach your goals.

to success

As a business coach with an entrepreneur's heart, I can help you grow your business faster and smarter through personal coaching and mentorship backed up by my 26 years' successful entrepreneurial expertise.

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Ma3x individual consulting project

Launch as a leader

Becoming a leader is a learning process. One-to-one coaching focuses on your leadership skills helping achieve positive, lasting change in approaches – for you and your people. Next, it helps you build a business that produces consistent, predictable results.

Revive your business

Do you feel like you have hit a plateau and no longer attract new clients and new projects? Strategic consulting can get you back on the right track by setting a personalized strategy and workable action plans designed to take your business to the next level.

Streamline your success

My business coaching strategy is focused on precisely one end result: getting you from where you are right now to where you wish to be. Draw the right roadmap, achieve exponential growth and get that long-term dream off the shelf, in the fastest route possible.

Solutions for your business

Solutions for building a successful business, meeting your goals and making progress.
Are you interested in a solution? Choose it and allow me to connect with you.

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    Arthur Yezekyan
    Founder of
    Shant TV

    Ever since our foundation, two of our projects have always been celebrated for the crucial role they played in our history. It was a revelation to me when I realized that Samvel and his team had been directly involved in both of these projects. The first project made us a countrywide channel in 1995-1997. The second one, which we developed in 2018-2019, will soon be known beyond the borders of Armenia.

    Mike Arazyan
    Senior Manager at
    Royal Bank of Canada

    Samvel is a highly motivated and professional advisor, trainer and coach who always has a smile on his face. He fully understands the problem, comes up with solutions and eventually makes things work with his resourceful, honest and enthusiastic approach.

    Liana Margaryan
    Head of Marketing,
    Event manager,
    Hermitage projects

    I am very grateful to Samvel Gevorgyan for the excellent, powerful business coaching, which helped us generate many ideas and then choose the best one to build our business model around. This has been a formula for success for which I’d like to thank my coach. And now let’s get down to work!

    Dick Moor
    Chief Adviser at
    Triodos Facet BV, Netherlands

    I have known Samvel Gevorgyan since 1995. He is a clever, reliable business consultant, always actively working for the interests of his clients.

    Tigran Aghabekyan
    Director at EBRD Advice
    to Small Business

    I appreciate Samvel’s strong-willed and purpose-driven character, as well as his efforts to contribute to market development and shape a better local business community in Armenia.

    Arsen Bazikyan
    Armenian Leasing Company

    You don’t often meet an experienced consultant and coach whose advice is organized around the feasibility and practical efficiency of the business ideas. Samvel Gevorgyan, the founder and CEO of BSC, is one of those rare specialists who follows up on his advice to make sure that it has been realized to the client’s benefit. He motivates his clients to chase their dreams and their goals and turn them into business success.

    Haik Khanamiryan
    Managing Director,
    Digital Transformation Lead
    at Consultancy.HK, Netherlands

    I’ve been acquainted with Samvel Gevorgyan for more than 5 years and I’ve consulted him on a variety of topics, such as business development, training programs, and leadership development. Samvel and his team have a profound understanding of the Armenian market and have been instrumental in the realization of many successful business transformations.

    Gevorg Poghosyan
    Director at EBRD
    Business Support Office Yerevan

    An experienced and highly professional business consultant who is always in line with current trends. Samvel is also a positive person and an inspiration to younger professionals.

    Professional approach to various sectors:









    My commitment equals your business success

    All ideas implemented right are viable in business.
    “Achieving your business goals can lead to positive changes not only in your business but also in your personal life. Our collaboration will prepare you to solve all your business problems and help come closer to the success you have always dreamed of."

    “The sectors in business may vary, but the leader in each is one. All others follow the leader and compete for second place."

    “The largest market, the highest volume of sales. Display the profile of a leading manufacturer right from the start. These are attainable goals."

    “The motivation to act makes success possible. Business opportunities increase when you’re ready to act immediately."


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    6 Yekmalyan Str., Yerevan, 0002, Armenia