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When starting a small business, the main target should be becoming competitive in a short period and attracting customers. The personal network of the business founder plays a crucial role here.

The success of a small business rests in the hands of its founder. It reflects the founder’s values, vision, and their relations with staff members based on personal approaches. The founder’s readiness to consider new proposals, ideas and changes is key to business success and development.

Hence, I choose business owners and entrepreneurs as my target audience, helping them boost their performance and dramatically improve their bottom line.

A small business owner is the one who either ruins the business or leads it to success, bringing it to a new level – the transition to mid-sized business. The only way to achieve this transition is to increase the company’s competitiveness, ensuring competitive advantages even when competing with larger enterprises.

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PRODUCTIONBusiness Planning


I’ve suggested balanced approaches to product, packaging, pricing and presentation to hundreds of small business representatives, which led to an increase in the production volumes and further stable development.


TOURISMMarket Development


Defining the target market is essential for the tourism industry. I’ve helped a variety of travel companies identify their target markets and secure leading positions.


IMPORTManagement System


The seamless operation of all the management system chains is crucial for enterprises. Dozens of companies contact me for a consultation on this issue, and with the help of efficient management systems, they record a significant increase in sales volumes.

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