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A book is an idea, knowledge, concept. A book is a source of wisdom and a powerful channel, through which the author talks to the reader, saving their time and resources.

Thousands of business books are published every year in different countries, in different languages, with various topics and approaches. And yet, they only have one goal: to support, encourage, help and promote.

My books are about business. I have so much I want to communicate. The first book only had 64 pages, the second one 125 and the third one 250. The last one “Your own business in Armenia” has 560 pages. It is all about business planning, organization, management and development.

Samvel Gevorgyan is the author
and co-author
of books that became guidelines in business

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”1 minute later”, 2021
Those who have started something new - small business, new interest, change - deserve a lot of respect. And who are they? They are people who take advantage of opportunities, assess the situation, make decisions, voluntarily take risks and face challenges.
«Your Own Business in Armenia» Bestseller,
The authorized book of Samvel Gevorgyan “Your Own Business in Armenia” is a bestseller guideline such as for beginner also for experienced entrepreneurs. The book is based on his 25-year experience in managing own business.
”How to start own business in Armenia”
(III edition), 2010
This book will help entrepreneurs to master knowledge required for proper business planning and effective management. It provides direction to carry out comprehensive analyses and is a guidance to reach your goals of establishing and managing your own profitable business.
”How to start own business in Armenia”
(II edition), 2003
This book will help you assess whether you have the appropriate skills and abilities to start your own business. The book is useful for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs, professionals studying the business environment.

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