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Corporate session on business model development by Samvel Gevorgyan

The business needs continuous growth. New markets, new directions, new products, new customers, new marketing tools.

The best way to bring all this to life is to build and implement a business model.

Building a business model

  • Develop a valued offer emphasizing not only the product but also its benefits to the customer
  • Manage customer expectations to maximize sales
  • Select partners to increase productivity
  • Manage Expenses և Increase revenue stream through financial management
  • Use the least resources and get the most out of it

What does the customer get?

- Practical business model
- Business development opportunities
- Turnover and profit growth
- A team that is ready to implement the business model

What methodology is used?

- Business Model Presentation and implementation
- Review of successful examples
- Generation of key staff ideas and discussions
- Use of group potential
‘’Focus’’ Package
6 hours, team format․
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12 hours, team format․
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‘’Profit+’’ Package
12 hours, team format․ 1 month after session consulting services (10 man/day).
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