Business face of Armenian regions Gegharkunik Marz: Business face of Armenian regions

April 30, 2019by Samvel Gevorgyan


I want to start my business trip through Armenia from the marz spread around Sevan, which is Gegharkunik. There are several reasons why exactly from here.

Most importantly, being the greatest lake of Armenia it has an enormous significance for Armenians in the historical, psychological, political, environmental and economical aspects. It is not in vain, that Sevan is called not a Sevan lake, but Sevan sea, especially by people who live around it. It is always in the center of our attention: the water level, the fish reserve, the nature have always been top subjects of political and daily discussions.

During a year, I cross near Sevan dozens of times. The business face of Gegharkunik is expressed by the circumstance of being around Sevan. Although, only Jambarak is deviating from the overall picture. The economical structure of this place is closer to Tavush marz, especially to the territory of Berd. They are more mountain people, with special characteristics: they are workaholics, make money out of nothing and have a strong will.

For instance Sevan, Vardenis, Martuni, Gavar are more in the “Sevanian” topic. In the sphere of tourism they are tend to work 3-4 months by taking into account weather conditions. They got used to this situation, and it is hard for them to even think about the opportunities of other months. Working like this for years have brought them to the fact that they seek to work more money in a short time of period: as people say “no result no trust”.



The business face of this marz are represented by fish reserve and tourism. The latter is targeted more on the inner market, but fish products have already reached international markets.

In the case of Vardenis and Jambarak the cattle breeding has a great role, whereas in other regions of the marz the typical businesses for the territory are leading. The kufta and pakhlava of Gavar, the constructors of Martuni are already known not only in Armenia, but also abroad.




Talking about Gegharkunik one associates it with the “unused opportunities of the marz”. For example, the great amount of people are traveling a lot for abroad work. People, who invest their working abilities to build roads in Russia, while talking about the roads of Martuni, Gavar and Vardenis one can just sigh deeply.

There are also limitless opportunities for developing the external tourism. Despite the seasonal factors, it is only possible to swim during summer months. Sevan can become the center for winter expos and events with historical, environmental topics. The renewable energy, the large production of dairy, industrial agriculture and other fields can provide a great development for the marz.




I have done two trainings about “Generating business ideas” topic one year ago in Gavar and Jambarak. The participants were only young people with the maximum age of 35. They have a different vision about all of these. They had the mood of not “just survive”, but to be developed. They have presented different business ideas, but the approach was the same: one need to create a value in the country and in the community. To the first question “Why do you want to start your own business” they gave an answer, which covered everything: “We want to stay in Armenia, in our country”. Hovsep, Lilit, Anna from Jambarak, Narek from Sevan, Serine and Grisha from Gavar prove it every day with their friends.

Wiliam Black has said: “What is now proved, was once a dream”. When you want to do something, you have to dream about it. Now I dream and imagine about the cared banks of Sevan, numerous hotels, hundreds of thousands tourists, industrial and agricultural big complexes, solar stations. Now, I dream about all these things, but dreaming is the first step, we need to do the next one.