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Events: conferences, networking, panel discussions, round tables and educational events.

The success of business events is directly related to the content provided by speakers, panelists and attendees.

“Speaker” Package

  • Thematic speech
  • Question-answer

“Consultant” Package

  • Thematic speech
  • Question-answer
  • Conducting a round table

“Expert” Package

  • Thematic speech
  • Question-answer
  • Conducting a round table
  • Facilitating a panel discussion

Main results for the client company

- Final business model on business idea or project
- Business management skills and capacity
- New ideas, tools and techniques
- Adapted individual sessions based on client’s needs

Used methodology

- Consulting on effective implementation of the business model
- Training on the structure of the business model and application directions
- Coaching on the most effective use of personal and professional potential
"Speaker" Package
0.5 hour
  • VAT including
"Consultant" Package
1 hour
  • VAT including
"Expert" Package
1.5 hour
  • VAT including

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