#CoffeeChat #CoffeeChat. Solve business problems with a cup of coffee

March 28, 2020by Samvel Gevorgyan

BSC Business Support Center (BSC) consulting company’s founder Samvel Gevorgyan has started a new project #CoffeeChat.


Armenian business stands in front of two challenges. The first one is, when in the result of the current crisis thousands enterprises of the private sector are just blocked and do not have an opportunity to operate normally. The second one is, when in the result of that intermission the business gets an opportunity to be reloaded. It is up to business owners to respond quickly to this situation.

When a month ago those challenges were not actual, the idea to create “#CoffeeChat with Samvel Gevorgyan” has been born in BSC business management consulting company: from the very beginning there was the main idea to diagnose business issues and to find effective solutions.



The formats, chosen for #CoffeeChat, are solving various issues. A bilateral meeting between an operating business founder, director or manager follows the target to discover all external and internal obstacles, which block the rapid development of the business. The result of small team meetings, which is consisted of experts and responsible individuals of two parts, will be the founding of up-to-date solutions, which will give a concrete company to raise competitive attractiveness, to find financial new sources, to create new products or services, to search for directions in order to enter new markets.

The goal of the second group meeting is to engage field experts and directory individuals of other companies in order to find this or that field’s development ways with united forces and expert approaches to understand risks and opportunities. All these will be discussed around a cup of coffee, where free and relaxed atmosphere will give an opportunity to rapidly discover all the issues and to find possible solutions for them.

Because of the spread of the virus and the private sector’s operations blockades, several changes have been done in #CoffeeChat’s toolkit and content without ideological changes. Online tools have been added, specifically Facebook lives, messengers and online #CoffeeChat discussions. Furthermore, now there is an opportunity to use Samvel Gevorgyan’s Facebook page to fix a date for a meeting and to do it online, to have a face to face #CoffeeChat meeting. What concerns the content, new topics were added, which stem from the needs of business crisis management.

For real, it is time to recharge Armenian business. We need to use this time, when there is an opportunity to research the whole chain of the business, to study it circle by circle, in order to eliminate the weak points, to strengthen the ties between the circles and to come out stronger from all this. #CoffeeChat gives this opportunity.
We just need to respond, initiate, act and develop.