1 minute later 1 Minute Later: Keep Moving by Armenian author and entrepreneur Samvel Gevorgyan released on Amazon

December 17, 2021by Samvel Gevorgyan

The English translation of the new book titled 1 Minute Later: Keep Moving by Armenian author, entrepreneur and business expert Samvel Gevorgyan has been released on Amazon, both in paperback and Kindle Store.

The book was first published in Armenian earlier this year and was greeted with enthusiasm and rave reviews, especially from young readers. Within a few months, the Armenian version of 1 Minute Later became a national bestseller in Armenia.

1 Minute Later is a book for those who value every minute and want to unleash their full potential. It is inspired by the author’s real-life encounters of people moving forward and achieving excellence in various aspects of life – making happen so many of their ideas and initiatives. The book is written to help readers be present in the moment, make important decisions in their personal, social or career paths and embrace the notion that every single minute holds the potential of driving forward whatever they are hoping to achieve.

Within days of its launch on Amazon, the book is aspiring to become the first Armenian-authored bestseller on the bookstore.

“Whether you use time against yourself or in your favor – the choice is yours. And this book is here to help you hold the power of owning time,” says author Samvel Gevorgyan. “Basically, this is a book written to encourage readers to take control of not only their time, but also of their future, and be capable of transforming every single minute into something that is more. In result, they will be shifting the universe in their favor – one minute at a time,” he adds.

The book can be ordered here.


About Samvel Gevorgyan

Samvel Gevorgyan is an Armenian entrepreneur, author of business, management and motivational books and articles, business expert. His first book, Your Own Business in Armenia, was published in 2017 in Armenian and English and has quickly become a national bestseller.

In 2021, Samvel published his second book, 1 Minute later: Keep Moving, which has rapidly become one of the most popular motivational books in Armenia.

Samvel is the founder and CEO of BSC Business Support Center, where, together with his team of experts, he offers business and managerial consulting and entrepreneurial support to countless private businesses and public sector entities.